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The Washburn area supports our troops!   Area soldiers are assured that Washburn has always honored the service of its veterans. From the annual Memorial Day Services at the Log Cabin, to class projects to send letters to the troops, our village shows its support!
Salute to Our Troops and Veterans!
The Washburn American Legion Log Cabin was built and dedicated to the Veterans of WW1 in 1938. The project was engineered by Joseph Wegstein, who drew the plans & secured help from other Washburn veterans, using native logs prepared in a sawmill west of Washburn.


Washburn is the perfect place to enjoy the benefits of small town life but the convenience of living close to a major metropolitan area.   With a population of 12-hundred people, Washburn’s leaders and residents have their eye on the future.  Whether you are considering moving to our area or just visiting our website, the Village of Washburn welcomes you!

Nestled in the farm fields just northeast of Peoria, Washburn is just 30 miles away from all the amenities you expect to find in a large city.  There are major shopping venues, sporting events, nightclubs and restaurants just a short drive away.

But it’s the quality of life that people enjoy in our town.   People who move to our Village find their lives enhanced by our schools, our churches and community organizations.

There is a wealth of outdoor activities in our community.  Hunting land is fertile with pheasant, deer and other upland game.  The bass fishing in the Illinois river is great, receiving national recognition with a yearly visit from the pros for a BASSmaster’s fishing tournament.    

Washburn is a great place to raise children.  We view our children as one of our most important assets, and that is clear when you look at the success of our school system.  The class sizes are small, the teachers are truly involved in their students’ growth and success and our children are not exposed daily to some of the dangers you’ll find in schools in bigger cities.  And for recreational interests, every summer our ball fields are filled with children of all ages.

People in Washburn feel safe. Need Custom Writing Service that offers a safe environment for its clients? Read the reviews and choose wisely.  We have a very low crime rate and neighbors know each other and watch out for one another.  We have a dedicated group of volunteer firefighters and EMT’s and a highly regarded city/maintenance department.

With an eye toward future growth, the village has just completed a wastewater/sewer system.  We are also in the planning stages to replace our old water tower and entire water system.

For businesses looking to relocate to a central Illinois community, Washburn is a great choice.  We have the affordable housing and good schools that are important to your employees.  Our city officials and community leaders stand ready and waiting to help you bring your business to our area.

We hope you’ll stop by… to visit or to stay.


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