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You made a difference, Elias!

Our son was having trouble with adjusting to a new school,  Elias took the time to talk with him and encouraged him of the possibility of going into police work. This had a definite affect on him, because he admired Elias very much.  He has not gone into this field, but it helped him to become more confident and get along with his classmates, and to continue his education. Elias saw how to make a positive change in our son's attitude, and he cared enough to take the time to do it. That is why we were at the vigil for Elias Eljamal in the village Parking Lot.

Forever Grateful

My first contact with Elias was in relation to his response to a 911 call from my mother..  This was to be repeated a few times, and I was very grateful for his understanding, compassionate handling of the situation.  My mother suffered from hardening of the arteries, and although she was usually in good shape, she did at times, get confused and scared.  Elias would meet with me at my mother's house and do everything in his power to reassure mom, and was always gracious and supportive of myself.  I think of him as perhaps the most concerned and human officer that I have ever met, and uniquely qualified for the work that he did. He made both of our lives much better for having passed our way.





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