Economic Development

Washburn's Industrial Park is an area developed in the Marshall County area of our village, with lots available for businesses seeking a great location.  The lots are 1 - 2 acres and sell for the appraised value, and have been made ready to build upon. County Line Tools and Grebner's Machine have already located there and construction has begun on another.  
TIF zones provide opportunities to redevelop areas in ways which can lead to increased property values, increased tax revenue, improved village infrastructure, increased housing supply, new jobs and an overall improvement in quality of life for the inhabitants of the town.
Washburn Economic Development Amenities
Municipal Services
     Local Government BOARD / VILLAGE               Municipal Zoning YES
   Comprehensive Plan No             - Rev.    0       County Zoning YES
Subdivision Ordinance YES                                  Home Rule NO 
  w/ Design Standards                                 Public Library YES
 Emergency 911 System YES                               Rescue Squad YES
 Fire Insurance Class 7     in city  9     outside
                         Full Time  Part Time  Volunteer
      Fire Department            0          0         30
    Police Department            2          3          0
Commercial Services
General Waste Disposal YES            Radio Stations   Am-Fm
Special Waste Disposal YES            Local TV Channels   6
                                               Cable YES
                                          Newspapers   0 Daily    2 Weekly
         Machine Shops   3  If none, distance to nearest     MI      KM
            Tool & Die   0  If none, distance to nearest  25 MI   40 KM
                 Banks   1  Assets $     23,000,000
Additional Economic Amenities
Competitive Communities Initiatives NO      Stages    Foreign Trade Zone NO 
                    Enterprise Zone NO      Tax Increment Financing Dist YES



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