Village Board

Village Board - May 2011 through April 2013

Front Row: Trustee Randy Ragains, Village Clerk Rebecca Ulrich, Trustee Ed Grebner

Back Row: Mayor David Humphery, Trustee Nate Swanson, Trustee Larry Roop, Trustee Rob Stanfield, Trustee Bill Strauch


Washburn operates under the Council-Manager form of government. The Town Council is the legislative body of the town and is empowered by the charter to make town policy. The positions are filled by elections from two local political factions, the Law Enforcement Party and the Citizen's Party. Candidates from these two parties are chosen by a public caucus, where persons can be nominated, then voted upon, for any available position coming up for election. At election time the qualified registered voters are given the opportunity to vote on the candidates.

The full board consists of Mayor, Clerk, Treasurer and six (6) trustees, and members of the board are assigned to eight (8) standing committees. These committees generally hold an open meeting once a month and report to the full board at the regular meeting.  The full board considers the reports  of each committee and votes on the recommendations.

Community members with concerns, comments or interest can attend all committee meetings and address their purpose, and also attend the monthly board meetings. Agenda for all board meetings are posted outside the Village Hall, inside the post office and Washburn Community Bank, as well as, online at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting time and date.



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