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Meet Police Chief Craig Rutledge

 Craig Rutledge heads the Washburn Police force, a group of dedicated officers charged with keeping the peace in our community.  Craig expresses the importance of working with our schools in furthering a relationship which is necessary for fostering the well-being of Washburn area youth.

Please take this Link to the Illinois State Police site concerning Missing & Exploited Children cases in our area, and other important information!

Washburn Police Dept.

Emergency Calls ~ 911

Non-Emergency Calls ~ (309) 248-7351

In Honor of One of Washburn's Finest

Elias Eljamal served the Washburn Police Force with dignity and great compassion. He was loved by the young people of our village as well as the older residents, who knew him as a concerned friend.  He was taken from us in March of 2004, as a result of a tragic automobile accident as he returned home from his late-night shift.

 His passing shocked this community to its heart, memorials were spontaneously left at the door of the Police station. Vigils sprang up in the parking lot beside the Village Hall, as citizens, young and old gathered to honor this beloved member of the force. Memorials flooded the area where the accident occurred, and the memorial service was marked by a large attendance of both the young, and all other parts of the community that his service had touched. Elias's police duties had included the interaction with the schools, and his personality was uniquely suited to this responsibility. It enabled him to establish an unprecedented rapport with the students, that caused them to understand exactly, the huge loss that his passing meant to them.

If you wish to leave a memorial note about Officer Elias Eljamal, please contact the webmaster

Memorial Notes about Elias Eljamal


The Elias Eljamal Remembrance Gardens



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