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Office of Mayor

Meet Our Mayor

 Our mayor, Dave Humphrey is a dedicated dynamic leader who has positive plans and definite goals for the village.  He carries with him the cloak of experience, having served with distinction as mayor before.  Dave has the vision and optimism of youth tempered with the practicality of someone who has been there before and performed his duties with distinction.

Message from the Mayor

Whether you are a new resident of Washburn, considering moving, or just visiting on-line, I want to welcome you to our community.

Washburn offers a low crime rate, affordable housing, virtually no traffic problems and a satisfying quality of life.

Washburn is a progressive community that believes in preserving family values, while having the vision of a city with a future.  We are an easy forty-minute drive to Peoria, Bloomington and LaSalle/Peru.

Please take the time to view our community resource page to see all we have to offer.  

For some people, it is a childhood memory of a simpler time, for others, a desire for stress-free living.  If you are considering small town life, we hope Washburn is  the community you will choose.


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